I am here for you in these ways…

Energy Reading Session

What Will Happen?

In our 15-minute phone session, I will read your energy, searching for any blockages or pains, and then work with you to shift your energy, and optimize your wellbeing!

No Judgment, Just Love

This is a completely judgement-free and confidential environment.

Know that I am here for you, and I want you to experience peace and joy.

Open Your Mind...

After the initial energy reading, I will work with you to bring forth and manifest the possibility of your wellbeing.

All you need to do is be open and willing to receive the energy I send your way.


This service costs $25  for a 15-minute reading.


What Is It?

While an energy healing session is us, together, in a one-on-one live call, Space-Holding is a service I provide in my own private time, each day, for five days (essentially one week).

This is where I would take time, daily, to hold an intention and energy for someone you love, or for yourself, in my own private time.

I can only take 6 Space-Holding requests per week.

When you book this session, you will be prompted to write your intention that you want me to hold, and for the five days, I will hold the space and do energy work, supporting your intention.

A More Passive Service

This service can either be a follow-up to our energy reading, or a standalone service for you or someone you love.

This service is also ideal for those who may not be entirely comfortable with doing a live call, or just don’t have the time for it, but would like to have energetic support for an entire week.


This service provides daily energy work for 5 days, and the total cost for the week is $100.

Ready to Make this Happen for You?