Energy Healing Arts

– Do you feel unusually stuck?


– Have you been trying so many things, but feel like there is something else that’s keeping you from the relationships, peace, well-being, and love you’ve been longing for?

My name is Caleb Robbins.

I am an Energy Healing Artist;

I see colours inside of people where they are stuck, and I am able to move the energy so that they can feel lighter, freer, and more able to have the life they love.


I know how you feel, because I feel you.

I am excited to work together and support you with my healing arts.


The Ways I Serve You

Energy Readings

In a 15-minute phone session, I sit with you and read your energy. I reflect back to you what I am seeing – where there might be blockages and issues – and then we spend time together shifting that energy.

My clients tell me they feel calmer, more secure, heard, understood, supported, and able to move forward from where they had previously felt stuck.


This is a very special service that I provide; either as a follow-up to an energy reading, or a standalone for you or someone you love.

Over the course of five days in a week, in my own private time, I will do energy work and space-holding around a specific intention that you desire, for yourself or a loved one.

Very often, we feel alone, and powerless when going through a hard time. This service provides you with support and powerful work directed toward a very specific need that you care about.

You are not alone, and I use my gifts to help you move closer to what matters to you.

Case Study:

What is an energy healing artist?  Heck if I knew, before I met Caleb.  Given an impromptu opportunity to speak with Caleb, and accepting his offer to use his energy to work with my terrible pain, the definition of energy healing became clear. Nope, it’s not rocks and incense, but an overwhelming feeling of peace and reconfigured channels, in my case, to manage severe pain.

You see, Caleb knew nothing of my terrible accident. My arm and shoulder were in pieces. Once bones were put back together, there was still terrible, chronic pain. In his calming, gifted knowing, Caleb pinpointed the exact pain, in the precise location – he could not have known this, but to be in mindful presence with me.

There is not a matter of belief on this one. I felt immediate relief as he streamed his energy and a calmness came over me, not only in the reduction of pain, but also in his ability to tune me in to manage it.

Caleb also knew that there was something really wrong with my arm and with his wisdom, I did further exploration with my medical doctors. Sure enough, while they had focused on bones, they had not focused on serious tears in my bicep and shoulder – the exact locations that Caleb understood.

With Caleb’s healing energy and required surgery, I am on the road to 100% recovery.
Energy healing does not quite cover “miracle worker”, but it’s part of the definition when you work with Caleb. He has a tremendous gift,  and the ability to share it with others.
Valerie McDonough, Charlotte, NC

Are You Ready To Feel Supported?